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​​The Story Behind A Weekly Piano Lesson

by Mark Woods - Florida Times-Union

Vanessa takes piano lessons from Ron Touchton at the Northeast Florida Conservatory in Mandarin as part of the Laura's Friends outreach project.
Mark Woods/Florida Times-Union -
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Northeast Flori​da Conservatory Theatre Review: Newsies – The Broadway Musical

NFC - Summer Guitar Camp!

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​Jacksonville’s Northeast Florida Conservatory, in cooperation with the Haskell Company, opened Disney’s delightful “Newsies – The Broadway Musical” on July 20, 2018. The production will run through July 29 at 11363 San Jose Boulevard, Building 200. For reservations, call 904-374-8639 or visit

     As the NE Florida Conservatory continues to grow and prosper for the good of the community ensuring students of all ages can share their dreams of making music, performing their talents and most of all learning, it becomes necessary to appoint those who can assist with the demands of its success. As such the Board of Directors agreed it was time for a candidate of whom both Richard Dickson, Founder and President would approve of, as well as the Board Members, to now serve the position as Executive Director for this Conservatory. This would also allow Richard Dickson to serve his new role as Chairman of the Board.

     Effective immediately, the Board of Directors has approved Bill Di Stanisloa to serve as an Interim Executive Director allowing the opportunity for both Bill, the Board and the Conservatory to work towards a long-term commitment.

     Bill Di Stanisloa received a Fine Arts Scholarship prior to his senior year and his life in the arts continues today. His passion for the arts which include his own gift of voice and music appreciation, theater and education of each has earned Bill his privileges on stage as well as in film and TV. Above all else, Bill is an educator and public speaker serving the importance of expression in many mediums which brings all communities together in harmony. He understands the purpose of a true non-profit organization; to serve, to support and to honor one’s own potential at any level.

     A successful business resume on file reflects his many accomplishments in Operations, Management, Training, Client Relations, Marketing and legal compliance for the past 25 years. Past titles held on 501C3 boards and committees include: Chairman, Advisory Board, Florida State College, Board member for Heritage Institute Jacksonville, YMCA First Coast, Corporate Volunteer Council, The South Florida Choral Org., NE Florida Music Conservatory and Slow Food First Coast. Bill currently serves on the Advisory Board for the National Wildlife Foundation and is President of the Farm Life Foundation. 

The NE Florida Conservatory welcomes

Bill Di Stanisloa  

Let the success continue...



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