Our Team of Performers and Instructors

  • Richard Dickson
  • Steve Gallagher
  • Susan McGee
  • Andrew Cummings
  • Lorna Greenwood
  • Don Reynolds
  • Yolanda Olmstead
  • Vernon Humbert
  • Taylor Irelan
  • Sil Viu
  • William Hazlett
  • Will Robinson
  • Ralph Coleman
  • Justin Reynolds
  • Angela Muller

Volunteers Needed

Regular Office Volunteers are needed at the Conservatory Office Monday-Thursday from 1:30 to 5:30 every week to answer phone, greet visitors, do typical front-office duties.

If interested, please call 374-8639 Tues or Thurs between 3 and 5 pm.  Prefer adults (any age) and/or Community Service points offered to senior high school students (if qualified and eligible).

The Wish List

  • The Conservatory ‘Wish List’ really works! Over the past year we have additional volunteers, music stands and best of all, a grand piano (through a grant from Hall-Halliburton Foundation!)…so, what’s needed now:
  • More music stands! (new or used)…Yes, we’ve added players to Band, Orchestra and Jazz Band
  • More volunteers!...So many more student and classes create a lot of extra office work and details that a few hours daily by a few people would really help!
  • Big need!: a vehicle!  Something in which we can transport timpani, stands, drums, chimes, etc. to the several places the ensembles will be performing! A Van would be ideal (new or used)…any and all suggestions welcomed!

Tax Deductible donations
The Conservatory is a non-profit IRS (501C3) corporation
Music stands
Grand piano - Got it! - Thanks to grant from Hall/Halliburton Foundation



Fiddler on the Roof Production!

All performances are: SOLD OUT!


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