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and neither do we!

Do you like to teach music?  We are always looking for qualified Teachers! Come visit us!  We have the facilities and availability you need to be successful, including weekend lessons! Call our office or email to see how you can be a part of the Conservatory!


Lessons available 7 days a week! M-F 10 am-7pm,  Sat. & Sun. 10am-5pm. All ages! All skill levels! From guitar to trumpet, voice to drums, strings to brass, we offer private lessons for all areas. 

Now accepting new students! The Conservatory currently has openings for new students so call today at 904.374.8639 or contact us to learn more. But hurry! Spaces are filling up! 

Attention all Music Teachers! We Want YOU!

Dear Community Members:

For years, the Northeast Florida Conservatory has served as a leading, educational, non-profit, musical arts organization.

It is with the financial support of our contributors and donors like you and your companies, houses of worship and fellow non-profit organizations that keep the vision alive.

Our private, affordable musical lessons taught by qualified, proven and respected educators offers each student an opportunity to fulfill their dreams and aspirations.Student recitals and performances showcase their evolution of musical instruction and accomplishments, which they will hold dear to their hearts forever and fuels their future endeavors.

The mission of the Conservatory continues to provide unsurpassed musical, dance and theater education, especially in a time when “Fine Arts” seem to be challenged and suffers replacement by material and electronic distractions, which suffocate the creativity expressions and innate talents of many.

Again, now more than ever, in a time when technology is dominating our lives, lifestyles and children’s minds, it is paramount that we continue to maintain true education, one on one teaching methods, visual and sound appreciation and return to the traits of learning through empowerment, inspiration and unconditional support to students of all ages, as well as our valued and committed community.

Please continue to support our efforts by joining our organization as a student or volunteer, attend our performances, and contribute with your tax-deductible donations.

With honor and gratitude,
Your Board of Directors
Northeast Florida Conservatory

Our Story...


Mission Statement

...seeks to offer educational music programs of excellence and distinction; to contribute to the cultural enrichment and quality of life in the northeast Florida area and to serve the needs of the community and partnerships with similar institutions

...seeks to fulfill its mission by providing high quality, accessible and diverse arts instruction for all ages, abilities and income levels, regardless of ethnic origin. It is committed to making the arts available to everyone by constantly seeking scholarship grants and contributions

…offers individual instruction opportunities to study most fine arts and it offers group approaches for children and adults with classes for all ages. Group instruction offers the added advantages of ensemble playing, social integration, a heightened ability to listen and study critically, and an appreciation for problem-solving through group interaction

…therefore, has a philosophy of openness to all persons while also offering professional training to students with special promise. It has teachers who specialize in providing the basics to beginners and also has ‘master teachers,’ most of whom are professional artists, qualified to teach the most advanced students. Personal artistic growth for all ages is the goal, as well as the achievement of artistic excellence and skill necessary to enrich lives and provide a lifetime of artistic enjoyment

…welcomes the chance to share these opportunities with you.