Interested in auditioning for Pride and Prejudice? We'd LOVE to have you! We welcome ALL skill levels! Below are character descriptions. This cast calls for ages 15 and older (no exceptions). Please bring your best British accent. While you don't have to sound just like the Queen herself, we also don't want Larry the Cable Guy when in character. This is a literary classic and we want to do it justice! 

Auditions will consist of cold readings, pairing with another actor, and possible dance. Please note, this is not a musical so extensive dance is not required. There is a ballroom dance scene so that would be the extent of any dancing.

IMPORTANT: If you have never auditioned before, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain! You will love it! We are a COMMUNITY THEATRE and our emphasis is on learning! Just come with enthusiasm, a desire to learn and you're in for an amazing experience! 

If you have a headshot please bring it. But it's not required. Download, complete and bring these audition forms. 

Pride and Prejudice Audition Information

Audition Dates and Times:

Thursday, May 16, 7PM - 9PM

Sunday, May 19, 2PM - 4PM

Auditions will be at the Conservatory (11363 San Jose Blvd., Bldg. 200)

There may be an additional audition called for callbacks but you'll be notified. 

MR. BENNET: An older man and the patriarch of his family. Understands the manners of the age but has a great sense of humor. Loves his daughters and his wife.

 MRS. BENNET: An older woman and the mother of five girls. She wants the best for her daughters and wants them all to marry wealthy men.

 JANE BENNET: The eldest Bennet sister. Very well-mannered, gentle, and optimistic.

 ELIZABETH BENNET: Second eldest Bennet sister. She is well-read, outspoken, and independent. She has a quick temper but a strong spirit.

 MARY BENNET: Middle Bennet sister. A quiet yet wise girl with her nose always in a book.

 CATHERINE (KITTY) BENNET: The fourth Bennet sister. She is under the domination of her younger sister. She enjoys fun but whines when things do not please her.

 LYDIA BENNET: The fifth and youngest Bennet sister. She is playful, irresponsible, and tries to act older than she actually is. She thinks of nothing but parties, officers, and frilly clothes.

LADY LUCAS: An older woman. She is good friends with Mrs. Bennet. She is a pleasant woman who also has a daughter she wishes to marry off.

 CHARLOTTE: A young woman close to Elizabeth’s age. They are friends. She is quiet, restrained, and very sweet. Does not dream of romance and is guided by her mother’s advice.

 MR. BINGLEY: A handsome, charming, and a wealthy young man. Responsible, mature, and conservative. He is in love with Jane Bennet.

 MISS BINGLEY: The sister of Mr. Bingley. A fashionable, proud, and slightly conceited young woman.

 MR. DARCY: A tall, handsome, and aristocratic young man. He is cold and stiff in appearance. He is very wealthy. Eventually falls in love with Elizabeth Bennet.

 MR. COLLINS: A young clergyman with absurdly formal manners. He is pompous and pedantic.

 MR. WICKHAM: A handsome young officer who looks dashing in a uniform. He has undeniable charm but is untrustworthy and insincere.

 HILL: Male or female. A quiet and efficient servant.

 LADY CATHERINE: Mr. Darcy’s overbearing aunt. She is the wealthy dowager type. She acts incredibly superior to all those around her.​.


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