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SAM WHITAKER - Fifty and still good-looking. A fine figure of a man who has preserved himself nicely by never doing a day's work. For a living, he runs the house. [Actor age range: 50+]

IRMA - A large woman in her fifties, and twice as independent as she might normally be because she is living off her sister Frances. [Actor age range: 50+ ]

ADELAIDE - A competent maid in her middle years, scrawny and aggressive looking. [Actor age range: 30's]

KITTY - An attractive girl, about twenty-five who is used to having her own way. [Actor age range: 20's]

ARCHIE - Boyish and eager and soon to be fitted for the role of father which he is going to be asked to play in a couple of months. [Actor age range: 30's]

HAZEL - A big, healthy girl who is quite pretty. [Actor age range: 30's]

FRANCES WHITAKER - A successful career woman of forty-five, smartly dressed. She's used to walking into a room and taking command. [Actor age range: 40's]

DELIVERY MAN - A fat, cheerful man who is always smiling. [Actor age range: 20's]

GENE MITCHELL - A nice guy of twenty-eight, with strong jaw and quick temper. [Actor age range: 20's]

NEW MAID - Large and cheerful looking. [Actor age range: 40+]

GIRL - About eighteen. [Actor age range: 18+]

DR. BARTELL - The oldest man you've even seen and wears a suit he has been wearing for the last twenty-five years. Withal, he has bounce and energy that is probably born of war-time necessity. [Actor age range: 60-80]

JOE AND MARIAN FRANKLIN - He is tall, and she is short, another young couple like Gene and Kitty. [Actor age range: 30's]Type your paragraph here.


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