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Recitals are held several times a year. All students in good standing are entitled to apply for Recital performance contingent upon recommendation by the instructor and a signed consent form from their parents. Student's completed Recital Application is required 10 days in advance of the recital.

Students are expected to "dress" for a concert/recital performance. It is a special occasion - look your best.

Faculty members should be prepared to help with raising/lowering the piano lid, moving/adjusting stands, chairs, accessories, tuning, etc. The student should feel confident and comfortable! Keep Smiling!

There will be a reception at the conclusion of the performances. Students are encouraged to bring refreshments to be shared with the audience.

This YOUR opportunity to join people of all ages who love music and want to know more and do more music! This is the place you will find those who surround and support you, those who learn from and participate with you, and those who observe and experience your joy in music. We are here to offer musical opportunities to enrich your life - the Conservatory is your 'music home.' Welcome!