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Theatre for Young People

To introduce and develop performing arts knowledge through the instruction of drama, music, movement/dance, and set design/construction in order to produce a staged production.

Major Topics shall include (but not limited to):

  • Intro to acting
  • Intro to music theory
  • Intro to beginning ballet and tap
  • Intro to set production

Sub-topics shall include (but not limited to) Understanding and applying:

  • Stage performance within a staged production
  • Learned knowledge of reading music into a musically staged production
  • Stage movement through the art of dance into a staged production
  • Set construction and design for the purpose of a stage production

It is the desire and goal of the CONSERVATORY, offering these major topics and sub-topics within this course outline, to fully educate and academically guide all interested and registered (paid) school-aged students on a semester-based schedule for the purpose of training and experience in theatrical activities (acting, singing, dancing).  

The schedule will allow for one hour of weekly instruction, with the possibility (student has option of participating or not) of the course culminating in a theatrical production at the end of the semester (optional) involving additional rehearsal times and an additional ‘production’ fee.